My Name Is Khan

Review: My Name Is Khan

By Hayley
02 Mar 10

Bordering on ridiculous

Seriously bad movie... I am at odds to understand these previous recommendations. It was like the director was on speed; four movies in one maybe? And painful to go through!
Yes the theme is good; but the failing to deliver an entertaining, deep and soulful movie really brings disregard to what the director was trying to achieve.

The first half is tolerable, although the love story of the two main characters was not at all believable. There seemed to be no visible love, and I think the director, if he had concentrated on just one area, could have made this movie shine by elaborating on the characters, giving more depth to the relationship. The latter half of the movie turned into a very bad version of Forest Gump. Most of the scenes in the last half of the movie were so unbelievable I actually laughed. I think I was supposed to be crying though! I have not felt like leaving a movie in a long time, but this one takes the cake!
Watch at your own risk.