My Super Ex-Girlfriend

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Beautiful (but lonely) Jenny Johnson’s (Thurman) alter ego is super-heroine G-Girl, protector of New York City. One day, Matt (Wilson) spots Jenny on the subway and asks her out. A romance quickly blossoms. But, Matt soon learns Jenny's peccadilloes - she turns out to be a "trifecta": vindictive, jealous and manipulative.

Even after finding out Jenny’s alter-ego, Matt bails. But Jenny's not so willing to let go and uses her powers to exact revenge (such as biffing a great white shark through his new lady friend’s window).

Film wears it's cheesy effects on it's sleeve and is said to "address the true questions we'd ask if superpowered. What is superhero sex like? Would we get back at that date who never called again? Would we fry his goldfish with our X-ray vision?"

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BY delarge101 superstar

Not only is My Super Ex-Girlfriend incompetent filmmaking, ridiculous storytelling and pathetically not funny, it also tries to prove that men can do no wrong.

With the star roles going to great actors I expected at the very least to be entertained... To my great dissapointment i sat through - terrible acting - stars that should have turned down the script after reading page one.-far fetched story that did not come anywhere near being something you get wrapped up in - . It was a long time waiting for the movie to improve... It was not to be my lucky day...

As funny & entertaining as you'd expect. Excelled further but two great leads in Uma Thurman (suprisingly funny) & Luke Wilson (as great as ever).

Cheeseburger entertainment, done well.

Most certainly a DVD renter, not funny or compelling. I'm not sure who would like this film.

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  • BBC

    Inevitably there's fun to be had with scenes of superhuman coitus, but the laughs definitely belong to Wilson with his deadpan expression and general willingness to look daft as the nebbish left holding the handbag... Full Review

  • For Ivan Reitman, Ghostbusters continues to cast one hell of a shadow. Shame — if he’d managed to resist the lure of big, shiny FX, this could have worked as a very black comedy... Full Review

  • At some point in the development of "My Super Ex-Girlfriend," the notion of a high-concepts merger -- She's a superhero! She's a single gal prone to insane jealousy! -- must have provoked the movie-formula equivalent of a sugar rush. But audiences will find evidence only of the ensuing glucose crash in this sour, joyless affair... Full Review

  • Silly but harmless comedy in which Uma Thurman flexes her flair for psychotic spells... Full Review

  • Written by longtime Simpsons scribe Don Payne, but you wouldn't know that based on the finished film, which lacks the intelligence and sly wit that has kept Homer on the air for all these years... Full Review

  • My Super Ex-Girlfriend manages to do what the recent crop of crime fighters haven't: show us how much fun it might be to fly, or have super strength, or look buff in spandex. And who better to show that than Uma Thurman, who, with this performance and those in the Kill Bill films, is becoming Hollywood's most dependable female action hero... Full Review

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