My Week with Marilyn

Review: My Week with Marilyn

22 Mar 12

Held together by Williams

Just three of us saw My Week with Marilyn and we are unanimous in our praise for this movie. Based on a true story, this is a snapshot of one week in the remarkable life of Marilyn Monroe, during her time in England for the filming of The Prince and the Pauper. It is a sentimental journey for those of an age who grew up with the Marilyn Monroe phenomenon, boosted by some great musical choices.

This is wonderful movie entertainment and an insightful portrayal of 'the most famous woman in the world' of the day and of the fractious relationship between 'one of the world's greatest theatre actors (Sir Lawrence Olivier) trying to be a movie star and a world famous movie star trying to become and actress.' The outstanding performance of Michelle Williams as Marilyn holds the movie together and despite annoying hints of tedium from time to time, the sheer entertainment value warrants our unanimous vote of 4½ stars out of five.