Never Back Down

Never Back Down


Jake Tyler (Sean Faris) is a rebellious teen who moves with his family to Florida. Once a star on the football field, he is now a quick tempered brawler with a chip on his shoulder. His talents for combat are recognized when he starts a fight at a party, and he soon finds a mentor, Jean Roqua (Djimon Hounsou), to unlock his ability to win an underground mixed martial arts contest. Sean Faris fans may be fascinated to know that he gained 15 lbs. of muscle for his role.

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Recently newcomer, Sean Faris, does show some acting chops and also abit of skill however like much of these teen orientated movies – the actors are not the vehicle, in this case it’s the Martial Arts form and stunts which are surprising and fresh. Fan and critics favourite Djimon Hounsou lifts the films credibility somewhat, but would be more suited in a mature film. The film is not too short or too long. It’s been the first big budget martial arts flick in a while and one expects a few... More more to be produced due to the current popularity UFC has amassed however Never Back Down won’t please the hardcore fans.Hide

The Press Reviews

  • "The Karate Kid" meets "Fight Club" but it's no way near as good as it sounds. Full Review

  • Movie is dopey. And with its emphasis on stupid violence, xylophone abs, and getting yourself on YouTube, it's yet another product that makes you feel bad about today's youth culture. Full Review

  • A junior version of "Fight Club," only with no movie stars and different moves. Full Review

  • Although the movie set in the hot new arena of mixed martial arts is a bit short on star power, it's energetic and warm-hearted enough to become a word-of-mouth hit. Full Review

  • The movie speeds up and slows down as though controlled by a director in the grip of competing medications. For those who make it to the final beatdown, however, the only pill worth taking is the one that makes you forget. Full Review

  • 1/2 There sure are no surprises with this one. The story has been told thousands of times before. Never Back Down doesn’t even have a decent love scene to keep it interesting. Going to see it with the right frame of mind and treating the it like a comedy can be satisfying, but only on a very base level. Full Review

  • Best part, though, is the cast: Everyone's a model, everyone beats each other half to death, and no one looks as if they've ever suffered so much as a coldsore. Full Review