New York, I Love You

Review: New York, I Love You

06 May 10

A cosmopolitan mix of of love stories ... A delightful experience

This film is a delight - it casts a bunch of well-known actors into short films and links them together with the themes of 'New York' and 'love'. Much like the city itself, the outcome is diverse, well-rounded and there is something for everyone.

I am the first one to admit that "arty" films sometimes go way over my head. However, the best thing about this film is that if this happens, then you just wait ten minutes and another short film is on it's way!

My favourite shorts were the one with a gentleman trying to pick up a lady outside, the lust montage, the high-school prom and the hotel one with the twist ending (which was meant to symbolise a lost loved one).

However my favourite scene was the last one with the couple on their 63rd wedding anniversary. This scene was such a delight.

There is a facebook fan page of this movie which contains all the pods that were given out as teasers - helps to explain the directors meanings and might help explain some of the scenes that went over viewers' heads in the first instance!

Well done.