Night At The Museum

Night At The Museum


Museum security guard Larry dreams of big things despite being perpetually down on his luck – the classic Ben Stiller role. On the graveyard shift, Larry accidentally unleashes an ancient curse that brings the museum’s displays to life. Havoc ensues as Neanderthals start fires, Attila the Hun pillages other exhibits and the T-Rex runs rampant.... More

Owen Wilson plays a tiny little diorama cowboy, Dick Van Dyke and Mickey Rooney play the day shift guards, and Robin Williams is the wax figure of Theodore Roosevelt from whom Larry seeks counsel. Also notably starring Ricky Gervais & Steve Coogan.Hide

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gumgum was weird and so was atila the hun he was a whimpy guy the little peoples were rockin it out there they had a mean as monsta truck

I was impressed. I'm very quick to bag family/kids films these days - being brought up on the genius of Zemeckis & Spielberg films, like Back To The Future etc.

But I thought was constantly entertaining, and held a certain magic which came close to - if not reaching - the same level as those great family films of the 80s.

My kid loved it. I can see the fun in it, and I think it was well done. Ben Stiller I thought was better than I'd ever seen him.

I couldn't help but wonder if these films have the magic I remember films having when I was a teenager. Back To The Future was a movie I especially remember loving as a youngster, I don't think a movie like this holds that special vibe.

But good, none the less - certainly more so for the kids.

Slightly remiscent of Jumanji, though with greater humour and a dazzling cast. I found this movie Magical and fantastical. Ben Stiller, not overly hillarious, but playing his part perfectly, as the struggling Father trying to make his son proud and prove himself to the world.

The kids'll love, and the grown ups - who still have a bit of kid in them - will certainly appreciate it.

a romp drawn on many themes. buddies ben stiller and owen wilson team up yet again. a movie to kill a couple of hours or distined for the airplane movie filler!

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  • BBC

    Despite a couple of half-hearted romantic subplots and earnest messaging on the virtues of doing your homework, this trip to the museum ends up being unusually fun... Full Review

  • Drawn from a children's book by Croatian illustrator Milan Trenc, this fantasy isn't exactly heavy, but its ideological implications are interesting nevertheless... Full Review

  • This energetically charmless 'family' fantasy lies there dead on screen, occasionally twitching at a funny line... Full Review

  • 1/2 The premise of Night at the Museum is definitely a bit more creative than the standard family films we are used to at this time of year, but the problem is that the film is marred with many gags that are outdated and therefore feel cheap... Full Review

  • The bulk of the movie is a series of sight gags and set pieces that wreak much havoc but little else... Full Review

  • For all its dazzling computer-generated sequences, "Museum'' wouldn't be nearly the delight it is without the talents of some of the best comedians in the business... Full Review

  • This rambunctious, "Jumanji"-style extravaganza is a gallery of special effects in search of a story; rarely has so much production value yielded so little in terms of audience engagement... Full Review