Nights in Rodanthe

Nights in Rodanthe


For those of you who thought The Notebook was the most romantic thing since um... sliced bread, get ready for Nights in Rodanthe with the handsome Richard Gere and the lovely Diane Lane. She plays a woman in an unhappy marriage who tends a friend’s coastal inn for a weekend. Cue Gere, as Dr. Paul Flanner, who arrives at the inn just before a storm arrives. The two of them find solace from their chaotic lives, and enjoy a magical weekend together. Just take a look at the trailer for proof. It’s romance x10.

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The problem with Nights In Rodanthe is not that it's a schmaltzy romance. There's a time and a place for a good pass-the-hankies weepie love story, and you won't go to see this unless that's what you're after. No, the problem here is that this is so intensely overwrought and manipulative that there are moments where you'll want to throw your shoes at the screen. It's a BAD schmaltzy romance, and in movie terms there are few things more irksome.

It starts off okay. Lane's dealing with a cheating husband, a Kelly Osbourne-type rock brat daughter and a son who is clearly a pre-Hogwarts Harry Potter. She trots off to tend to her friend's hotel on the Rodanthe beach and in swans an orangey, but still clearly pretty dashing, Gere, with the smell of aftershave positively emanating from the screen. He's not here for fun but for some other mysterious, stressy reason. Intriguing. Then the courting starts, and it's all you can do to stop your toes curling. ... More

There's middle-aged dancing, tinned food basketball, cuddling in a storm, one of Gere's proper Officer And A Gentleman bear snogs and - clang! clang! clang! - a string of syrupy one-line howlers. Then Gere disappears to see his son, Lane goes back to ditch her husband and look after 'Kelly' and 'Harry'... and the love letters begin. Then something bad happens. Then there's howling and tears. Then there's a preposterous bit involving horses. Oh f**k off, this is just stupid.

Even fans of The Notebook (written by the same novelist) will find this a struggle. It's a date movie for stupidly lovesick 50-somethings with zero taste in films. If that sounds like you, enjoy. Everyone else should take their other halves out for a nice meal instead.


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BY Linda wannabe

I downloaded the book to listen to on vacation and forgot to add Part2. It was pretty good so when I got home, I made the mistake of buying the movie to save time. I should not have done that. The movie is nothing like the book and the storyline is so contrived that it is just sappy and rushed. The book tells so much more about the actual characters before they get to the Inn ,so you can get into the story more.
Not a good move and I am sorry I asked my husband to sit through it, I felt that I... More then had to fill him in on the Book which he even said sounded better than the movie.Hide

BY Tania superstar

What the I thought we went to see a chick flick/romance movie ie happy ending nb great tricks Richard walking through a door wearing 1 thing and comes out wearing something else.

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  • The movie attempts to jerk tears with one clunky device after another, in a plot that is a perfect storm of cliche and contrivance. In fact, it even contains a storm -- an imperfect one. Full Review

  • It's like "The Bridges Of Madison County" with more shouting, only not nearly as good. No surprises whatsoever, but nice scenery, attractive stars and another credible, affecting performance from Lane that hoiks it up an extra star. Full Review

  • A tasteful melodrama courtesy of the easy chemistry between its two leads and a generally restrained touch from Tony-winning director George C. Wolfe in his feature debut. Full Review

  • It's no wonder the faithful continue to forsake the movies, given junky embarrassments like Nights in Rodanthe. Full Review

  • Hardly groundbreaking, but for those with an appetite for an increasingly rare gust of unapologetic romance, well, as they say, any port in a storm. Full Review