Notes On A Scandal

Review: Notes On A Scandal

By Kat2
13 May 07

Compelling and memorable

This film was simply compelling. Not a huge Judi Dench fan, I am now after seeing this film. Her performance in this film was thoroughly authentic, complementing Blanchett's convincing portrayal of a dissolute teacher tainted by her middle class label. The connection between these women was about their loneliness with one so detatched, Ba (Dench), she was really isolated and alienated from society, only functioning through a steely-mask in her role as a "teacher".
A little disturbing was Sheba's (Blanchett) fascination with a 15 year old student. It was difficult to see this boy's appeal and he did seem miscast as Sheba seemed so adult next to him. A more mature looking actor for the role would have made this affair seem more viable. But perhaps this boyishness was the director's purpose, to shock the audience more.
The ending of the film was rather formulaic. However it didn't diminish the overall residual power of the content and themes of this film.
Jarring, real and memorable.