Now You See Me

Now You See Me


The closer you look, the less you'll see.

Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher and Woody Harrelson star in this cat-and-mouse crime thriller as part of The Four Horsemen, a team of the world’s greatest illusionists. Pursued by an elite FBI squad (led by Mark Ruffalo), The Horsemen pull off a series of daring heists during their performances, showering the stolen profits on their audiences while staying one step ahead of the law. Co-stars Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Dave Franco.

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I knew Now You See Me and I weren't going to get along early on, when Isla Fisher's character throws a sheet on top of something as part of a magic routine, and the sheet is obviously CGI, all crazy pirouettes and whirls. It struck me as somewhat ironic that a movie ostensibly about sleight of hand and trickery opted for something so clearly fake over something subtle but convincing. There is plenty of CGI throughout Now You See Me, and it's mostly employed to keep you from thinking too much about the absurd plot.... More

Fisher joins Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, and Dave Franco as jobbing magicians who are separately contacted by a mysterious figure and enlisted into a mystic order of magicians. Or something. The four team up and become famous illusionists, until as part of a performance in Las Vegas they somehow stage a bank robbery in Paris, and FBI agents Mark Ruffalo and Mélanie Laurent are called in to investigate.

The film's main asset is its sprawling cast. All of them (including veterans Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman, as a financier and ex-magician respectively), turn in performances with lots of charm. It's mainly Ruffalo's show though, as the main quartet spend less and less time onscreen, and we focus on his increasingly frustrated efforts to track them down.

Plenty of twists ensue, as well as fist fights, car chases, and more gaudy stage magic. Ultimately it's a slick bit of Hollywood bombast masquerading as something trickier. I just didn't buy any of it, and when a film is clearly trying to draw you in and then dazzle you with plot turns, that's a problem.Hide

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BY silentbob88 superstar

I will come out and say i liked this film! It isn't great, or fantastic, yet the cast was engaging enough (some big screen heavy weights in this Michael Caine & Morgan Freeman) to entertain. The magic slant of a heist flick I found intriguing enough to hand over my money and pay to see this and I wasn't at all disappointed. Yes at times I found it predictable, but it had enough to keep me with it. Woody Harrelson I enjoyed immensely.... without him and Mark Ruffalo playing the tortured hero,... More this review probably would have been entirely different.Hide

BY CJRedshaw superstar

As a lover of magic this film leaves me wanting. The film really is all smoke and mirrors and shows no real real magic that you may desire. The characters are not really developed enough to build a real audience rapport. Leave feeling like magic is all painstakingly planned and calculated rather than being bewildered by its improbability. Big names like Freeman and Caine just came along for the ride. This movie had its moments but were not enough to put this on my top recommendations list.

BY Rhys-Rushton superstar

This is both an instruction and a warning for watching this movie. But I won't tell you why because that would require a spoiler alert...and I don't do those.

What I liked was the intensity of the movie and the, who did what and when. The action was OK but this movie is not touted as an action flick (luckily).

What I did not like was the pretentious premise of the movie. As such I had to look objectively without over thinking the plot. This spoke more about what the movie lacked rather... More than what it added to the movie going experience.

A stained 3/5 from me.Hide

BY HighFlyer wannabe

It's amazing how bright lights can attract people

BY TUBBS superstar

The plot was insulting to the audiences' intelligence.Acting talent like Caine and Freeman should be embarrassed.

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  • Overcooked, overcomplicated and underinteresting, this heist caper turns into a mess. Full Review

  • When Mark Ruffalo shows up as a crumpled detective, you expect a dose of reality, yet on his heels come twin hams Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman, whose solemn presences (as Christopher Nolan knows well) prove wonderful distractions from silliness. Full Review

  • Ocean’s Eleven meets The Prestige? Not quite. Starts well, ends in a heap, but in between there’s just enough splash and flash to distract from the lack of substance Full Review

  • Thanks to some accomplished hocus pocus and an appealing cast, this would-be “Ocean’s Eleven” of the magic world remains watchable throughout, even as it plods along without ever quite fulfilling its potential. Full Review

  • Magicians as criminals is a marvellous conceit and Louis Leterrier gets a great deal of entertainment out of it, but it can’t disguise a weak end with smoke and mirrors. Full Review

  • A superficially diverting but substance-free concoction, a would-be thriller as evanescent as a magic trick and one that develops no suspense or rooting interest because the characters possess all the substance of invisible ink. Full Review

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