Number One

Number One

(Numéro Une)

A brilliant female engineer has an opportunity to head a major company in this political thriller. It’s a challenge made brutally difficult in a world dominated by men.... More

“Emmanuelle Blachey is a brilliant and determined engineer who has risen up through the ranks of her company — a major French energy firm — and now sits on the board of directors. When an influential women’s network approaches her to take the lead of one of the stock exchange’s top companies, things quickly change around Emmanuelle. The opportunity to become the first woman in this prestigious position is a challenge the business woman is ready to undertake, but competing in a realm still largely dominated by men is no mean feat. The ambitious woman must marshal her forces to overcome the hurdles of the milieu, including corporate sexism and personal demons in order to take part in the ruthless race for power.” (French Film Festival)Hide

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  • If Number One doesn't always convince on a thematic or dramatic level, it's propped up by an excellent cast - beginning with Devos, who manages to appear both poised and completely flustered in the same shot ... Full Review

  • Wielding an entertainingly sharp narrative scalpel throughout incident-rich Number One, (Numero Une) Tonie Marshall posits that women getting promoted solely on merit is a quaint notion. Full Review

  • Over the next 110 minutes, Number One unfurls as a dark farce and furious boardroom drama with enough plot, villainy and back stabbing for an entire season of Game of Thrones. Full Review

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