Review: Oblivion

07 May 13

It took its sweet time

The film was very slow-paced; the audiences already had questions established in the first 10 minutes, but the film was just dragging on and on. I was glad to get all the answers in the end, and I was also glad it was over. There wasn't enough action or that 'edge-of-your-seat' feeling you usually get when watching a sci-fi film.
The plot was real cool (bumped up a star-rating), but the acting was average. Even the voice narrations were average - it was monotoned and I didn't hear any ounce of urgency (planet Earth is broken; have a jar of feelings).

It's not worth watching it in the cinema. Probably best to get it out on DVD and watch it at the comfort of your own home, with the fast-forward remote right beside you.