Ocean's Thirteen

Ocean's Thirteen

Not even those that made it liked ‘Ocean’s 12’. Matt Damon says "the tag line we’re trying to get them to use is ‘the sequel they should have made last time’. The only reason [Steven Soderbergh] wants to do it is to make a movie that’s better than the first two". And Bernie Mac: "We really got away from the reality and that disappointed me. But this is the one Ocean’s 12 should have been." And as if to just show-off, Al Pacino joins the platinum gold cast.

Storyline is still quite secretive, but this we know: The original 11 are back in Vegas. Their former nemesis Terry Benedict (Garcia), having locked horns with badasssed mogul Willie Banks (Pacino), approaches Danny Ocean (Clooney) for help in taking him down.

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There’s a scene in 'Swingers' where Trent and Mike hit Las Vegas. Heading for the hundred dollar minimum blackjack table, they lose big and quickly find themselves at a five dollar table with old ladies and people who look like Meatloaf. 'Ocean’s 13' would sit at this table.

The Ocean’s Series are heist films. The first was a cracker, the second not so good, and this comes in last. At least here the action is set back in Las Vegas. But where’s the heist?

Like the other films, the premise is nice and simple. Reuben, father figure to Danny Ocean’s gang is double crossed by Willy Bank, a ruthless casino owner. The shock puts Reuben into the hospital, and the gang vow to get even. Danny decides that they will take Willy Bank down on the night of the opening of his new casino- The Bank.

The casting, as always, is epic. George Clooney as Danny Ocean is one of the best things about this film. Not just because his character is so fantastically unflappable, but mainly because he’s got such a gravelly, gravelly voice. Al Pacino as Willy Bank is fantastic. Plus there are some great cameos. Watch for Vincent Cassel popping up once again. Even Oprah joins the party- in a horribly ham fisted attempt to make Danny Ocean more sympathetic.

But why is it so boring? The first problem is that the whole thing lacks finesse. The sub-plots are annoying and obvious, and more suited to that particularly grating brand of French comedy than any kind of Rat Pack cool. And everyone’s just a bit earnest. They’ve got good intentions, whether helping Reuben, or freeing Mexican workers (a bizarre twist), but it doesn’t make for compelling viewing. Secondly, for a film based around gambling, the stakes are too low. It all feels easy in this film.

But the major problem is that this film feels like a dinosaur. When 'Ocean’s 11' opened, even though it was a remake, it felt sophisticated in terms of plot- and the all important twist. Now, six years on, we’re awash with gritty shows with complex plots, double crossing bad guys and elaborate gadgets, where the audience is always actively encouraged to put the pieces together.

Turns out that even for this apparently golden franchise, thirteen is unlucky. They’ve played it safe, and totally shortchanged the audience in the process. I think it’s fair to say that rather than maturing properly- a la Mr Clooney, it seems this franchise has folded.

[Reviewed by Beatrix Coles]

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I was a chick looking for a chick flick that night..I still am a chick but never got my chick flick as my husband is a bloke and prefered a bloke flick...I gave in as he bought me dinner and he sure did get his bloke flick in this movie although I must say it is quite unisex I did enjoy it. I was waiting for some action throughout the movie as I was in the mood but it never came, everything was too easy for Brad. George and Matt. I should have known Oceans is unique in that way anyway. I really... More did find it fun and was glad my husband loved it because I did get my chick flick the next week..Transformers! yeyea! haha Thanks I just LOVE Sylvia park!...No ordinary CHick(-;Hide

better than your average sequel. Extremley clever. I enjoyed it.

it could be better

Being an Ocean's fan, I must say it's a bit of a disappointment. Ofcourse it's a great cast and the acting is quality, but the overall film - the storyline, the cinematography etc is quite a let down. I found this quite anticlimactic.

I feel the Ocean's films try too hard... too hard to be stylish, to be funny, to be cool. Ends up being none of the above. Too many stars being cast make it strange also - like it's a talent parade. The best are Matt Damon, Casey Affleck & Eddie Izzard - Al Pacino too was great.

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    It's like Robin Hood retold with tuxedos - except the Merry Men remember not to take it all too seriously. Bingo, Thirteen is a lucky number... Full Review

  • You can beat the house and you can break the bank, but sequels always get long odds on defeating the law of diminishing returns – yet Ocean's Thirteen just about pulls it off... Full Review

  • An over-the-top celebrity cartoon of cool and a tilt-a-whirl of fun... Full Review

  • Perhaps as a result, though, even the unpredictable bits of Thirteen will take no one by surprise. But as I say, it's probably perfect entertainment for the Noughties... Full Review

  • 1/2 While the plot is a repeat of the original remake's template, there is enough good humour, clever gadgets, dodgy facial hair, smart suits and easy charm to leave most audiences with the feel-good factor missing from most of this year's blockbuster outings... Full Review

  • As smooth as a good mojito, as stylish as an Armani suit and as meaningful in the grand scheme of things as yesterday's Las Vegas betting odds, Ocean's Thirteen"continues the breezy good times of the first two series entries without missing a beat... Full Review

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