Of Horses and Men

Of Horses and Men

(Hross í oss)

An Icelandic comedy-drama about a rural group of people, their relationships with each other - and with their horses. This was Iceland's selection for Best Foreign Language Film at the 86th Academy Awards.

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Of Horses and Men is an Icelandic film that straddles between a heart-warming rom-com and an outrageously offbeat black comedy set in a rural valley where everybody knows everything about everyone. The many tidbits about each character and their horses created a jumbled storyline, so unless you love horses and Iceland (like me who happily bathed in a giant tourism advertisement) it may not be for you. Despite this, the natural beauty of Iceland, which was beautifully shot, can carry any film.

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100% of critics recommend.
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  • The tone veers from quirky observation to bleak contemplation, with a streak of dry cruelty - particularly when viewed through the reflective eyes of the horses upon which Erlingsson repeatedly focuses. Full Review

  • Vividly shot, this is a strange and seductive portmanteau of Icelandic tales. Full Review

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