Out Of The Blue

Review: Out Of The Blue

02 Aug 09

Stunningly emotional!!!

I saw this last night 01/08/2009 on TV 3. As I said above, stunningly emotional! I was in my late teens when this happened and while it was shocking back then the movie brought it home in a way that only well-developed and balanced drama (and the maturity to appreciate such drama) can. I'm a bit of an armchair film critic and I absolutely love the classic cinematography technique (hardly used these days) that those conditioned to fast moving shoot-em-ups and over-the-top action movies (a la Michael Bay) may find too slow, boring and complex for their ADHD-affected attention spans. Out of the Blue has painfully-powerful film noirish undertones but falls short of being outright cruel because it revives us with pleasurable surges of nostalgia and an inexorable yet frustratingly-delayed climax. We feel that we have overcome but have been psychologically beaten up too much to enjoy the fruits of victory when they do arrive. I'm not kidding, I was absolutely drained emotionally by the time the end credits started rolling. Also big ups to Karl Urban and Matthew Sunderland for for the emotionally-scorching character portrayals, they sold it emphatically--merchandise and all. I will definitely be getting the DVD.