Out Of The Blue

Review: Out Of The Blue

By Bonux
14 Nov 10

Not suited for the big screen.

"Out of the Blue" may be suitable for a TV documentary with added footage and witnesses interviews, but on the big screen the script is too unsignificant. I watched it on TV and it is not memorable. On its own, the movie really struggles to take the viewer anywhere with its very slow pace and lack of everything: dialogues and general ideas. The storyline: a man loses the plot and shots his neighbours. From the first second of the movie to the end, the viewer already knows what is going to happen, so I am hoping for some in-depth character(s) development, maybe some flashbacks from his past, but nothing of that here. The Director gives me no hindsight whatsoever on the main character I am watching. A man turns into an improvised gunman after a minor outburst with his bank. Big deal. From here, the movie carries on with the same pace all the way. It is so excruciatingly slow, I take it as an admission from the Director that even he has nothing to say about David Gray, so why bother caring about the story at first place? Because it is the biggest mass murder (13 victims) in New Zealand, it is bound to be a sensible and popular subject. In other words: jackpot, commercial success guaranteed. That is how I feel when a movie presents nothing more than the original TV news from which this terrible event was made public. From the bank David Gray then takes us straight to the ordeal (the siege) shooting the victims one after the other and ultimately getting himself killed by the tactical team. Before it all ends, there are many close ups on various faces: victims, policemen and gunman all have their 15 minutes plus of... well, silencious fame. This is between long camera shots of the land, the wind on the long grass, the house in fire, the sunset, the laundry hanging... Okay I get it, it is moody so what's next? The Director tried so hard to make his picture photographic that he forgot to make it cinematographic. Some viewers might have been literally stunned by all the empty facial expressions in display, but I found it boring and unimaginative. The photo gallery kept on going: David Gray smoking a cigarette outdoor, David Gray starring at himself in a mirror without saying a word, an old lady olding her pet alone and terrified in her kitchen. Still no dialogues, no flashbacks, no nothing. Overall, I had a clear feeling that "Out of the Blue" was designed as an easy tear jerker. The characters sob a lot and look shocked as they should, unfortunately Robert Sarkies had nothing else in his bag. So here you are, a guy loses the plot and turns into a gunman. Who cares? Certainly not me after watching this movie. Put it this way, as terrible as it is, such tragedies are most common Woldwide. Unless the main character has an interesting background or story to convey, it remains a pointless exercise in style. Out of the Blue is pointless indeed and hadly stylish. Avoid.