Passengers alex128'S REVIEW

Much better than the critics would have you believe

BY alex128 lister

It seems that every critic is jumping on the same bandwagon here and that is the overly-sensitive one.
Most have focused on the plot point that brings the two leads together, calling it creepy, leery and morally inept.
What they haven't done is had a good healthy introspective look and consider what they might have done in Chris Pratt's character, Jim's situation. Instead I chose to focus on the key message, which was that human being cannot survive alone - we can only thrive with some sort of real human connection. An android simply won't cut it. As Michael Sheen's excellent android says to Jim - "These aren't really robot questions".

Though Chris and Jen are at the lead of Passengers, this really is Chris Pratt's movie. He can definitely cut it as a bonafide star in my opinion. We spend a lot of time with him and while that to me is the strong part of the film, it means we don't have quite enough time to with the couple when they are together, which may be where the film suffers. We aren't as attached to their relationship as we are to Rose and Jack in Titanic...given that is the comparison that has been mentioned by others.

Still thoroughly enjoyable, especially when you have two great leads and the always great Michael Sheen to hitch things up.