Review: Paterson

By Newt
29 Mar 17


Jim Jarmusch's Paterson is probably one of the most beautiful films made in recent times. The poetry accounts for about 75% for this statement. Character intricacies such as Paterson not owning a smart phone, following a routine, Paterson's wife's diverse artistic ventures make for strangely intriguing watching. Though there is no major crisis or event which needs resolving, we see, through Paterson, small setbacks that are handled with considerable ease by means of what must be mindfulness or mindfulness techniques and just... love. This love, especially Paterson's for his wife and vice versa, materialises in the form of not just poetry but also acts of kindness to those living in his town - the rapper practising at the laundromat, the girl waiting by the garbage tip, Everett etc. Adam Driver is so great and will surely scale the heights of the Academy Awards for his work in the times to come.