People Places Things

People Places Things


His next chapter is up in the air.

Jemaine Clement (What We Do in the Shadows) is a down-in-the-dumps dad with two daughters in this Sundance dramedy, suddenly made single-ish when his partner cheats on him with an off-Broadway monologist.... More

"From the moment graphic novelist Will (Clement) accidentally walks in on his wife, Charlie, with another man, his life officially begins to suck. Not only is he exiled from Brooklyn to a tiny studio apartment in Astoria and forced to see his adorable twin daughters only on weekends, but, according to Charlie, the separation is all his fault. As he muddles through single fathering and teaching college, a defeated Will sits up nights at his drafting table, illustrating his frustrations and loneliness—aptly symbolised by an ever-growing brick wall jammed between him and his family. When a student challenges Will to pursue new people, places, and things, his obsessions—both graphic and real—take new form." (Sundance Film Festival)Hide

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Flicks Review

Setting its sights on amiability over artistry, People Places Things offers an easy-going blend of comedy and drama that would be unremarkable, and almost certainly not playing cinemas, were it not for the presence of one Jemaine Clement. In this small-scale, New York-set, tale, Clement gets to stretch his wings in ways he doesn’t get to often enough – keeping his Kiwi accent for starters, and allowed to bring an understated awkwardness to proceedings that’s closer to earlier career efforts than recent over-the-top roles.... More

As graphic novelist Will, we follow Clement as his relationship with the mother of his kids disintegrates, and he has to navigate the complications of shared parental custody and newfound singledom. It’s familiar territory, and with the competent supporting cast offered little by the material, there’s a lot resting on Clement’s shoulders here. Disappointingly, his wry performance style that has worked so well elsewhere proves insufficient to save People Places Things from its uneven tone, workmanlike direction, and sense of predictability.

Perhaps this side of Clement is better-suited as a foil to Conchord-like absurdity, where it works as a droll counterweight. There’s no doubting that it’s refreshing to see a more natural performance from him, something that comes through most strongly in his interactions with his onscreen twin daughters. People Places Things isn’t the vehicle to make a case for his leading man status, though, and the film will have to trade on pre-existing Clement love to resonate with audiences.Hide

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BY RealityCheck superstar

People, Places, Things
Well, Jermaine Clements has come a long way since the early ‘Flight of the Concords’ and the “lets agree to disagree” from ‘M.I.B.3’. This was a moving art house/comedy that reminds me of 'When Harry met Sally’, ‘Juno’ or ‘Jerry Maguire’ with it’s realism and authentic words/thoughts of the characters.
Genre : Comedy, realism, basic strange human love story
5/5 : Beautiful, but it is a kinda of "real life" sort of film, so remember that when you... More watch it.Hide

Jemaine Clement brings his dry humour to a very sunny New York. Great to see the graphic novel as a plot base and there were some lovely moments, particularly when they seemed more improvised. Thanks for the chance to see it, Flicks!

BY AliasAlli wannabe

Some funny scenarios and excellent lines delivered by Jemaine. Some of the characters will annoy the heck out of you (intentionally), and I found it a bit weak in that regard. The ex-girlfriend character was particularly badly written. Still enjoyed it, though!

BY SmashTheTV superstar

Not really that funny. The acting was average by almost the whole cast. At the end of the film I wondered why this was made. Do we really need another love story set in New York?

Very funny. Lovely cinematography and illustrations. The characters were interesting, I especially loved the twin girls they were so very cute and funny. Pulled along with the story, Jermaine was his usual dry, comical self and did not disappoint.

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  • A superb, comically gifted cast helps writer-director Jim Strouse lift this quite a few cuts above his previous work as well as above the general run of films about modern life and relationships. Full Review

  • For a film with one eye on messy, real emotions, [it] undercuts itself with goofy humor. Full Review

  • Radiates a warmth and calm which is comforting, a lovely little film that's both entertaining and sweet. It's a bit bleak without being cynical, and moving without being saccharine. Full Review

  • Clement’s unique comic timing and his character’s wonderful artwork add to this film... Full Review

  • A movie that, much like the insufferable Charlie, can't make up its mind about where to go or how to get there. Full Review

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