Pineapple Express

Review: Pineapple Express

By Gazza
30 Aug 08

Cheech & Chong meets Hot Fuzz......

Am on holidays in the States and went to watch this flick..... man some of the scenes are just down right funny... some are just wrong but it works.... not to give to much away but the cop car chase scene is complete madness, piss yourself laughing, and of course loads of jokes about weed and well it makes you wonder if what they were smoking on screen was the real thing..... it all starts with the Cross Joint.... haha... if you want a laugh and enjoy the comedy of Seth Rogen its great, Judd Apatow is just as funny and the two of then carry the movie on to different twists! Yep a funny movie... loads of swearing and some one liners that will be heard in the playgrounds and pubs across NZ!