Pineapple Express

Review: Pineapple Express

By Bonux
09 Nov 08

Watch the trailer...

Comedies these days turn to be a real turndown (especially since Tropic Thunder which reached a new level of smart ass attitude: only comics on board were Downey Jr and Cruise which says it all about American comedy nowadays). I can deal with dumb comedy as long as you don't throw Jim Carrey pulling faces in the middle, but when comedy gets lazy then it makes me feel lazy too. In the case of Pineapple Express I could not prevent myself from yawning a few times. Sure James Franco put up a decent performance but I also realised Seth Rogen is not at his best when he is not crude. Knocked up or The 40y.o. Virgin offered better "performance" (in his own unidimensional style). The end of the movie is a bit like Will Smith' superhero Hancock, it is not a comedy anymore it is sort of wannabe action movie with guns blazzing and I still don't have a good laugh. Maybe it was not my day. Overall I expected a lot more, Put it that way, everything that is funny in Pineapple Express is in the trailer.