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B-grade horror set in sleepy Lake Victoria, Arizona. Every year, the population explodes to 50,000 for Spring Break – a riot of drunken fun in the sun for college students. This year, things turn sour. The lake sits on a crater formed by an ancient volcanic eruption, and when earth tremors causes the lake floor to crack open, scores of prehistoric piranhas set forth from the deep. Millions of these razor-toothed flesh eaters, with a primeval impulse to kill, wreck havoc upon the party-goers. A local sheriff (Elisabeth Shue, Leaving Las Vegas) gets herself a group of helpers and risks everything to destroy the aquatic carnivores. More

From the director of The Hills Have Eyes. Also stars Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future) and Richard Dreyfuss (in a nod to Jaws).

2010Rating: R18, Contains Nudity & Violence90 minsUSA

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Piranha is available to stream in New Zealand now on Apple TV.