Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect


Get pitch slapped.

Comedy starring Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson that follows an all-girl a cappella group of college clichés out to 'pitch-slap' the competition. Beca (Kendrick) arrives at a new college and finds herself not right for any clique. However the leader of the singing group muscles her into their gang of mean girls, sweet girls and weird girls. When Beca pushes the group out of their comfort zone and into new mash-ups, they climb their way to the top of college a cappella.... More

This is the feature debut from director Jason Moore, director of the Broadway puppet hit, Avenue Q.Hide

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Flicks Review

Being that it's a comedy about an all-female competitive a capella group, I was committed to not liking Pitch Perfect heading in, but the film had me on side within minutes.... More

Combining the energy of Bring It On, the wit of Mean Girls and the vocal abilities of Glee, Pitch Perfect is an impossible-to-dislike burst of positive energy brimming with winsome performances from a game cast.

Proving that an Oscar nomination (for Up In The Air) doesn't neccesarily need to be followed up with prestige pictures, Anna Kendrick (also from the Twilight movies) leads the cast as the wannabe DJ with alternative taste (she likes David Guetta!) who reluctantly joins a college a capella group to appease her dad.

Kendrick is a fine audience proxy, but her co-stars steal the movie out from under her, especially rising Aussie star Rebel Wilson as a character who has named herself "Fat Amy". She builds on her breakout performance in What To Expect When You're Expecting and walks away with the movie.

And fans of low-brow TV comedy Workaholics will enjoy seeing that show's Adam DeVine up on the big screen playing what is basically a vocally-gifted version of his small screen character – he delivers many of the film's funniest lines.

Pitch Perfect brought to mind Baz Luhrman's Moulin Rouge in its ability to draw on the uplifting power of popular music. It's impossible to imagine anyone not finding something to enjoy here.Hide

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BY iChild grader

thoroughly enjoyed it. easy watch

BY Squid grader

Thought it would be to saccharine for words but had that good bit of acid that made it truly funny. I enjoyed it tons.

Laughed like a drain. And applauded spontaneously.

BY KatieF superstar

'Pitch Perfect' was the ideal blend of funny and weird. It had me laughing in stitches. Love Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson, she is hilarious. One that the guys will also thoroughly enjoy. Great watch, fully surpassed all of my expectations.

BY BrionyJae superstar

... I actually really, REALLY did! xD I almost feel guilty for admitting it, because chick flicks aren't usually my thing, and I don't care all that much about American college films. But 'Pitch Perfect' is so much more than both of these, which made is incredibly entertaining! The Flicks reviewer has it spot on when he says that it's taken the best elements of Bring It On, Mean Girls and Glee, and made something new. This film is incredibly funny! A big kudos goes to the Aussie gal, Rebel... More Wilson, for some of the most hilarious lines. I only ever knew Anna Kendrick from Twilight, which I very shortsightedly almost judged her for. However, she's actually a brilliant actress, and a stunning singer! Honestly, her version of Titanium is magical. I'm actually secretly hoping she's going to release an album, although I think she said she didn't have any plans to. Speaking of the singing, it's all awesome! Very talented voices - I now have a new appreciation for acapella. I like how all of the characters have their own, distinct personalities - well, most of them. Even if they are a tad cliched ;) But somehow, 'Pitch Perfect' manages to make that charming rather than grating. Same with the romance plot, I didn't find it cheesy or anything. There is one tiny incident - okay, well, two tiny incidents - in the film that grossed me out a bit, but I don't want to spoil the surprise for anyone... ;) And, after noticing that the director created the musical 'Avenue Q' - well, the un-PCness no longer surprises me ;) So yes, definitely an entertaining and talented film, well worth a night out and it'll leave you singing and dancing along to the music! :)Hide

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81% of critics recommend.
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  • The movie is far too aware of its influences, especially when it imitates Bring It On's silly "cheerocracy"-style slang with its own overextended series of aca-neologisms. Full Review

  • The Higgins performance owes more than a little to Fred Willard's unforgettable dog show commentary in "Best in Show," but it was clear that Willard was part of a telecast. Full Review

  • An enjoyably snarky campus romp that's both wildly nerdy and somewhat sexy. Full Review

  • What helps offset the predictable in this very predictable movie is a series of show-stopping numbers, so props to the folks who oversaw music and choreography. Full Review

  • As spirited and irresistible as the college a cappella craze it celebrates, Pitch Perfect is a cheeky delight. Full Review

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