From above the world of 'Cars'

From the animated world of Pixar's Cars comes this high-flying Disney tale of a cropdusting plane named Dusty, who dreams of competing in a famous aerial race. There's only one problem: he's afraid of heights. Features the voice talents of Dane Cook, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Stacy Keach and John Cleese.... More

Originally to be released as direct-to-DVD, early scenes impressed the powers-that-be at Disney enough to step it up to a theatrical release. The film's executive producer and co-writer is John Lasseter, the Pixar sage behind Toy Story and Cars.Hide

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Being a blatant cash cow-milking spin-off of Cars - arguably Pixar’s worst, least loved franchise - the idea of Planes has always smacked of direct-to-video filler. Still, that doesn’t really prepared you for how shockingly devoid it is of anything resembling originality, wit or surprise. Granted, it’s Disney’s project, not Pixar's, but the same overall level of indifference and subpar storytelling that plagued Cars and its sequel has carried through here, and in effect amplified the primary issue with the series: the absence of consistent internal logic to its off-putting, unshakably creepy human-less universe of talking machines. Like why would these machines require portaloos, suitcases or a Taj Mahal? Why would they leave lipstick marks when they kiss? Kids won’t care? Fine, but when you stack this up against the likes of Wall-E, Up, Ratatouille, etc - animated features with wholly believable, richly developed worlds despite their flights of fancy - there’s only one word that applies to Planes: laziness.... More

The story regurgitates your standard underdog-triumphs formula, about a good-hearted crop duster named Dusty (Dane Cook) who’s realising his dream of competing in the Wings Around the Globe rally. Helping him get there is veteran bomber Skipper (Stacy Keach), whose prestigious stature is, naturally, predicated on a lie for a convenient eleventh-hour setback. Unmemorable B-list voice talent, ethnic stereotypes and the odd “tech-savvy” gag about iPads abound. Parents can zone out, kids might momentarily marvel at the fleeting bursts of globe-trotting aerial action.Hide

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BY OscarSM superstar

This attempt at reviving an animated universe in a new light is a terrible one. Too fast paced for the characters to really stick with us and a plot too basic and too much of a blatant cash grab to be acceptable this really is a shocker. It doesn't even have the morals that made the original Cars good. It literally holds zero meaning.

BY Rhys-Rushton superstar

This plane never got off the ground. In fact it was grounded, which is what I should have told my daughter: 'Sorry you can't go to see planes because your grounded'. At least both of us wouldn't have had to sit through this one.

On the other hand my daughter did have a coulring book that I found most entertaining.

I give the same rating as the risk of a Concord NOT bursting into flame 1/5.

BY beng nobody

So similar to the Cars movie except that its Planes. There were no reaction from the kids in the cinemas, not even a big laugh!

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  • The lack of wit and humanity that makes exec producer John Lasseter's best work so special will leave grown-ups feeling frustratingly grounded. Full Review

  • So overrun with broad cultural stereotypes that it should come with free ethnic-sensitivity training for especially impressionable kids. Full Review

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