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Clint Eastwood's directorial debut, a thriller about a romance that turns to psychotic obsession. Dave (Eastwood), a popular radio disc jockey who repeatedly receives on-air phone requests from a sexy female fan to "play 'Misty' for me".

The woman, Evelyn (Jessica Walter), orchestrates a rendezvous with Dave and his favourite nightspot, the two begin a torrid affair. But when Dave decides to end the relationship, Evelyn's obsession turns to violence. Soon everything and everyone in Dave's life becomes a target for Evelyn's increasingly deadly campaign of fury.

1971Rating: R1698 minsUSA
Clint Eastwood ('Gran Torino', 'Million Dollar Baby', 'Unforgiven', 'Mystic River')
Clint EastwoodJessica WalterJohn LarchDonna MillsDonald Siegel
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