Pork Pie

Pork Pie


The misfits, the mini, the mayhem.

Dean O'Gorman, James Rolleston and Ashleigh Cummings play a trio of accidental outlaws on the run in a yellow Mini in this remake of 1981's Goodbye Pork Pie.... More

Luke (Rolleston) is on the run from the law, Keira (Cummings) needs to get to a protest in Wellington and Jon (O'Gorman) is chasing his love (Antonia Prebble) all the way to Invercargill. Creating chaos as they go, soon they are followed by a posse of cops and a media frenzy.

This is the feature debut from Matt Murphy, son of Geoff Murphy, director of the 1981 original.Hide

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If you’ve already made your mind up about Pork Pie without seeing it, it’s probably not as bad as you think it’s going to be. Hardly a strong endorsement of any film, but an inescapable thought after the world premiere of NZ’s first remake (“reimagining” the preferred descriptor in speeches on the night). Like its international brethren, one can ask legitimate questions about whether it offers more than nostalgia.... More

Does it? Sort of.

Pork Pie conjured half a dozen solid laughs out of me, along with a bunch of chuckles, so there’s definitely some enjoyment to be had. In Dean O’Gorman, the film’s found a lead whose commitment to his role exceeds expectations, adds some much-needed charisma, and helpfully distracts a little from clichéd, and not particularly endearing, character motivations (an even more unhinged chap-who’ll-do-anything-to-win-back-woman-he-wronged than typical, already borderline sinister, rom-com fare).

The other leads are adequate, with much less complexity to dive into, and some of the expected comedic cameos sparkle - in particular, appearances from Rima Te Wiata and Thomas Sainsbury. Between director Matt Murphy and cinematographer Crighton Bone, Pork Pie frequently looks fantastic, in both action and intimate moments.

It’s just so depressingly familiar though, driven by predictable plotting, well-worn tropes and unenthusing character arcs. And while Pork Pie whacks in a few “fucks” and tokes of weed, it’s devoid of the freewheeling anarchic sensibility it is theoretically channeling.

Rather than representing a counter-culture, there’s a discernible desperation to be loved by a broad audience that actually undermines such enjoyment. This presents itself in achingly obvious music choices (Royals, Not Many) and forced dialogue that leans more towards the way TV commercials trade in surface-level-Kiwiana nostalgia than the seeming effortlessness of Murphy snr. or Taika Waititi. The latter’s artistic and financial successes loom large over this, Pork Pie screaming an over-eagerness to emulate them on its way to an average outcome.Hide

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BY MaryWT wannabe

the word in my mind after was...'WHY?' well actually.. more ..why?
Original was madcap, done cheap and on the smell of an oily rag. tthis one felt like - 'what can we make that will make some money?' Yeah, some gags, NZ scenery, blah de blah. Just felt a bit kinda.. un-needed. People enjoyed watching it, and people got paid ot make it, so no harm done.

BY JacquiF nobody

For 105 action packed minutes we traveled New Zealand with the new
Blondini Gang. The cast and crew skilfully transported a much loved
movie into the 21st century. New Zealand was depicted in it's rough and
natural beauty. From the busy city car chases to the rural southern
landscape the people of New Zealand embraced this lovable trio. The
many New Zealand actors that appeared in large and small roles were
pivotal in the success of Pork Pie. If you enjoy a chance to escape
into a different... More world then sit back, relax and enjoy.Hide

Where do I start. I LOVED Goodbye Pork Pie & made sure my son saw it. So when I saw it was being remade I wasn't sure if it would work, but my hopes grew when I saw many familiar family names in the writer's & crew. Then to see the cast, I was even more sure. I was so excited to get some of the last Tickets to last week's Premier, where I thought walking the yellow carpet was the best thing. But now I know I was wrong, I have been telling everyone I can to see the movie & telling those that... More don't they are losers. I laughed so much, I cried, it took me back to the original, I left the cinema with almost no voice & very sore hands from clapping. But all we did on the way home was talk about the movie & how great it was. I loved every minute & will be going again very, very soon. I have to say the funniest part for me was when Tim unmasked to be Tim.Hide

BY NickNDA lister

Not as good as the original, but that may be due more to nostalgia than anything else.

BY dankiw nobody

I am normally loving the euro dark 'deep' (?!) foreign language arty films so was a bit apprehensive to find a friend had booked us opening night BUT I-LOVED 'PORK PIE' ! What a breath of fresh air. It is a romp and you can sit back and go along for the ride. Perfect for a family film and great for a no complication movie date night with friends or the one you fancy! A friend and I take our two oldest children (12 and 13 years old) to the movies every second week. We went again to Pork Pie -... More yes we did and took the kids! We love the great discussions that inevitably come up afterwards. So after Pork Pie my son and I had a huge funny and poignant discussion about taking risks as a teenager and why you might consider it to be a good idea... or not! PLus an excellent discussion about drugs - some cool counter culture drug reference in the movie, at least we thought. The guy you might expect to smoke a bit of dope clearly is against it (without judging his friends) and without morally crusading to you the audience, followed by an excellent line regarding how weed sharpens the other guys mind (not!) but delivered so so well....- and for my young son to see this was a nice example of that 'grey' area in life... much better than the parental units sitting down going "now son we want to talk to you about risky behavior and drugs" yawn...really ! So aside from it being a great easy movie to watch it also can pick up some cool discussions in the family. Recommend fully and I play the playlist at my business all weekend and usually I am headed down some indie spotify playlist - BUT Pork Pie and the music reminds you to be proud of being a kiwi without getting all weirdly patriotic and misty eyed about it! Love fat Freddy's song placement in it! - Fantastic cinematography... New Zealand you're gorgeous so is this movie!Hide

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  • Car-chase films play everywhere, but the bonus of natural chemistry between the two male leads and skilful, well-blocked stunt work ensures this remake entrée into international markets. Hello, “Pork Pie.” Full Review

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