To save the future, he must reshape the past.

Time-travelling thriller starring Ethan Hawke as a "temporal agent" on his final assignment, chasing the only criminal to have eluded him, throughout time. Written and directed by Australian filmmakers, the Spierig Brothers (Daybreakers, also starring Hawke).

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For an adaptation of a short story by Robert A. Heinlein (Stranger in a Strange Land, Starship Troopers) that’s just a scant ten pages long, Predestination packs some creative, convoluted time travel storytelling into its running time. While the journey of many other short sci-fi tales to the screen either dilutes their impact or results in the grafting on of sub-standard Hollywood action (I’m thinking of plenty of Philip K. Dick adaptations fitting either description), writer-directors The Spierig Brothers confidently rely on their leads to do the heavy lifting here.... More

Ushering us into the film’s universe of time-traveling secret agents, Ethan Hawke provides a welcomely grizzled presence, but it’s the young actress to whom he plays mentor, Sarah Snook, who shines brightest, called upon to deliver one of the broadest performances of the year. As the two pair up to take down a mysterious mass murderer, the scene seems set for yet another young blossoming hero’s journey of the sort dominating cinemas of late, but Predestination has tricks up its sleeve – the mystery set out in its opening scene, and the unexpected places it is prepared to take its story.

Strangely though, given the source material, there’s more talking than doing in Predestination, and while the Spieirig’s restraint pays off in a couple of ways – avoiding a Shyamalan ‘gotcha’ ending or Hollywood bombast – Predestination is more a movie to be regarded than swept up in. To elaborate on the narrative details would rob the film of surprises that it earns, but sadly the payoff is not quite what it could have been. Worth a watch for its unique storyline, but not essential outside of sci-fi buffs.Hide

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Time travel is certainly not an unfamiliar subject for sci-fi, but Predestination manages to deliver a freshly twisted and paradoxical take on it. The less you know about this movie going in, the better. It gets you thinking and will likely keep you thinking for a while after it's ended, tying up the loose ends you might have missed along the way.

BY Sulian superstar

I like to be confused but sort of still knowing what is happening and that is why this is a pleasant film to watch. In the end the story was quiet simple but youdidn't know it was so simple until the end had happened so getting to the end was the fun part and also the good acting but I maybe would not watch again becasue now I know the ending and it will not be so confusing.

BY Zamm superstar

Mind-twisting, unique, disturbing and lonely.

Love the actors' performance.

Must watch!

BY MissP superstar

I went into this movie knowing little about it, and like any other time travel movie that worked to my benefit. It's not often you actually go into a movie unspoiled for twists, but because Predestination has a limited release it is easy for it to slip by.

If you like time travelling movies, if you like movies that you leave and can talk about for hours unpacking it I totally reccomned it. If you are expecting lots of action or like to pop out of the theatre during the movie, I wouldn't. You... More need to pay attention and let this story unfold. Then go find the short story it was based on. Helps to get your head around the whole thing!Hide

BY DanO nobody

Lots of twists, yep some flaws in the plots but the acting especially Sarah Snook makes up for critics...are being a bit tough

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85% of critics recommend.
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  • It's free-ranged, grass-fed bull, but wow, can it move fast. Full Review

  • It might bewildering, but chances are, you'll enjoy the trip from the inventive Spierig Bros, whose wild concepts about inevitability, reshaping wrong doings and time travel will prompt agile brain gymnastics. Full Review

  • A breakout performance by Sarah Snook distinguishes this entrancingly strange science-fiction drama. Full Review

  • Thrills and enthralls as its developments confront and confuse the viewer, but hindsight does this flawed, fascinating film no favours. Full Review

  • Essential viewing for fans of high quality cinema. My only criticism: I wish this Australian film hadn't found it necessary to Americanise everything. Full Review

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