Pride and Glory

Pride and Glory

Featuring a male ensemble heavy on star power, Pride and Glory is the latest crime drama doing its bit to keep the good cop/bad cop dynamic alive. Edward Norton and Colin Farrell star as New York City cops and brothers-in-law from a family that is something of a legacy on the force. After a corruption scandal leads to the death of fellow officers, Ray (Norton) is given the responsibility of the internal investigation. The results are a potential Pandora's box for both the precinct and the family. Director Gavin O'Connor's father was a member of the NYPD, which afforded him the privilege of wider access to the department than most filmmakers when conducting research. Pride and Glory's release date has already been pushed back once by New Line Cinema due to controversial subject matter. The screenplay was co-written by O'Connor and Joe Carnahan (director of Narc and Smokin' Aces).

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The usual suspects: Good cop, bad cop, conflicted cop (good cop toying with the dark side), and, I nearly forgot, proud New York Irish cop.

Better than most of these cop corruption movies but only just.

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