Hitchcock's seminal thriller featuring cinema's most famous murder scene.

Secretary Marion (Janet Leigh) one day gives in to temptation and steals $40,000 from her boss. She flees and takes rest at the foreboding, decrepit Bates Motel. The hotel is run by Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins), a strange, withdrawn fellow who resides with his dominating mother in the  house overlooking the motel. When Marion's absence is noted, her sister Lila (Vera Miles) hires an insurance investigator Milton Arbogast (Martin Balsam) to find her. He uncovers more than a few unpleasant surprises.

1960Rating: M, Violence & content that may disturb109 minsUSA
Alfred Hitchcock ('The 39 Steps', 'Sabotage', 'Rebecca', 'Notorious', 'Rear Window', 'Vertigo', 'North by Northwest')
Joseph Stefano
Anthony PerkinsJanet LeighJohn GavinMartin BalsamJohn McIntireVera Miles

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