Punisher: War Zone

Punisher: War Zone


This is not a sequel to 2004's The Punisher. Instead, it follows the trend of recent comic book reboots (Batman Begins, The Incredible Hulk) in being a start-again version of the same character. Ray Stevenson stars as feared vigilante Frank Castle, opposite Dominic West (The Wire's McNulty) as disfigured villain Jigsaw.... More

Marvel Comics' anti-hero Frank Castle, a.k.a. The Punisher, takes it upon himself to hunt down and kill hundred of criminals. He soon sets his sights on mob boss Billy Russoti. Not managing to kill him, but instead leaving him horribly disfigured, means that Frank now has a new villain to face in the form of 'Jigsaw'.Hide

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I have never been a big Punisher fan, but past movie iterations of this rather one-note character have truly stunk... and this flick is no different.
Yet another uninspired superhero re-boot (following the far more entertaining, but ultimately forgettable flick "The Incredible Hulk"), this is the kind of flick Van Damme would have been headlining back in his heyday, including a plotless script, cardboard characters and lots of numbing, cheaply-played violence. If that's your cup of tea, enjoy:... More all others beware.Hide

The Lexi movie definitely has its finger on the pulse of our favorite iconic character: the most dangerous man to ever walk the earth.
I could have done without the spinning chandelier scene but I'll make do. Stevenson looks great.
Don't screw it up.

Ray Stevenson is everything RIGHT about Punisher War Zone. He has the look, the growl, the bulk, and the heart to bring Frank Castle to life. Can't wait to see this!

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