Push (2009)

Push (2009)


Sci-fi thriller Push stars Chris Evans and Dakota Fanning as two members of a group of clairvoyants and telekinetics, on the run from a government agency named Division. With agents hot on their tails - keen to use their strange powers for nefarious activities - they hide in densely-populated Hong Kong. ... More

In a world where people are able to do things like lift objects with their minds and influence others to do their bidding, the latter power makes one a 'pusher'. To survive, the pair are convinced they must find a 'pusher' named Kira – the only person to successfully evade Division long-term. They embark on an action-packed adventure filled with explosive effects, from the producer of Braveheart and Payback.Hide

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With this director, cast and sci-fi concept this could have been so much better - but ends up an entertaining, if cliche ridden, disappointment. Think Cronenberg's SCANNERS or the Stephen King FIRESTARTER adaptation and you've seen it all before. Like the similarly inclined JUMPERS this could have been great, but ends up a bit... mewh. Just like LIMITLESS, unless film-makers put the same investment, time and care into the script that goes into special effects it'll always come up short. Shame.... More Anyway, if you like Dakota - see THE RUNAWAYS instead!Hide

i saw this when i was overseas and i must say, i haven't seen Dakota take on such 'dark' roles but the girl pulled it off! i really liked this movie. i could watch it again and again! it's pretty intense and very interesting. i like it!

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