Puss In Boots

Review: Puss In Boots

14 Dec 11

Puss in your boots (not mine)

Puss in Boots

Of course its marketed towards the children, so imagine 'Zoro', in cat form, with a checkered past... ha ha. No really, its good but of course its all about Antonio Banderas, even his ascent as Puss is awesome. Salma Hayek's kitten charater is pretty cool, you'l understand when you watch it. Good little innuendoes throughout and enjoyed the pace, shame the story seemed a out of place with all the old bedtime stories. If you can get past that, even as an adult, you'l at lest find it bearable. Great to take the kids to tho :-)
Genre : comedy, family, children, animated
3/5 : Its ok, but they need to stop and move on with another animated film