Review: Quartet

By adeej
26 Jan 13

Pretty boring if you're under 50

I went to this with my parents (who are in their 70s). They loved in, but as a 40-year-old, I was pretty bored. I generally enjoy Maggie Smith's movies, and enjoy opera music. So I was sympathetic to this film and wanted to enjoy it - especially as it has such a fine cast. . However, I just can't praise this film. The so-called storyline is very weak. The film also ends quite abruptly. They could have carried the weak storyline further but chose not to.. I agree that one tires of Billy Connolly's 'dirty old man' role quickly, but it was nice to see him play a part relatively straight. This film felt like a 'let's get all the old timers back for a final fling before they go into senility' film.