Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark


The first Indiana Jones film takes place in 1936, as our hero finds himself sent to Eqypt on a government mission to locate biblical treasure The Ark of the Covenant before the Nazis. The Jewish treasure is said to contain the power of God and, if it fell into the wrong hands (i.e. Hitler’s), would bring doom to the world. In his quest, Indy comes up against rival French archaeologist Rene Belloq (Paul Freeman) but finds more than he bargained for in the vivacious Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen), an ex-girlfriend whose talent for trouble rivals his own.

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  • BBC

    A timeless classic that will go on captivating youngsters long after Indy's priceless artefacts have crumbled into dust. Full Review

  • "Raiders of the Lost Ark" is an out-of-body experience, a movie of glorious imagination and breakneck speed that grabs you in the first shot, hurtles you through a series of incredible adventures, and deposits you back in reality two hours later -- breathless, dizzy, wrung-out, and with a silly grin on your face. This movie celebrates the stories we spent our adolescence searching for in the pulp adventure magazines, in the novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs, in comics -- even in the movies. Full Review

  • "Raiders of the Lost Ark" is the stuff that raucous Saturday matinees at the local Bijou once were made of, a crackerjack fantasy-adventure that shapes its pulp sensibilities and cliff-hanging serial origins into an exhilarating escapist entertainment. Full Review