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John C. Reilly returns to voice to the sequel to Disney's 2012 3D animated adventure, along with Sarah Silverman and... More

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"Last year's The Emoji Movie tried to manufacture popularity. It snatched something everybody's exposed to (emojis), jammed it into a done-to-death story ("Just be yourself!"), turned the crank on the storytelling sausage-maker, deep-fried it in product placement, and plopped out a lump of crap posing as a family film. Ralph Breaks the Internet may, at first, appear to be doing the exact same thing. Give it time though, and it becomes apparent how this sequel uses online spaces to tell a valuable modern tale in a number of visually stunning ways—despite the product placement."

Flicks, Liam MagurenFlicks

"It's a poignant buddy movie that's sincere in all the right places, but knows better than to take itself too seriously."


"Written by Johnston and former TV recapper Pamela Ribon, the film has a witty logic that's just bendable enough."

Vanity FairVanity Fair

""Ralph Breaks the Internet" might look like just another adorable, funny animated family film, but it also connects to our current reality in ways that are downright bone-chilling."

The New York TimesThe New York Times

"Somewhere between Ready Player One and The Emoji Movie, summoning up a zero-gravity spectacle of dazzling colours and vertiginous perspectives, a featureless and inert mashup of memes, brands, avatars and jokes."

The GuardianThe Guardian

"By the end, you'll be hooked and find that, as Vanellope puns, "farting is such sweet sorrow"."


"Will he break the Internet or will it break him? It's painfully recognisable, this neediness, as is the rise and fall. Ralph, c'est moi."

Rolling StoneRolling Stone

"The visualisation of the internet is dazzling to look at, but its conception emphasises reference over wit. Luckily the stellar character comedy more than makes up for this, and the film is overall undeniably beautiful to behold."

New Zealand HeraldNew Zealand Herald

"While I didn't bring any inbuilt love for the character, I certainly left with it and there is one insanely delivered Disney princess sequence which may be one of the funniest things I've seen in years."


"A witty, fastidiously imagined adventure and a touching, sometimes troubling ode to the power of friendship. But it also demonstrates some of the problems that can befall a movie when its vast ambition and confidence outstrip its finesse."

Los Angeles TimesLos Angeles Times

"Deftly defying expectation, the inevitable sequel to 2012's... Wreck-It Ralph, absolutely crushes it."

Hollywood ReporterHollywood Reporter

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