Crime drama about a dirty cop (Woody Harrelson) balancing a cash-strapped home life with his involvement in the LAPD's infamous Rampart corruption scandal. Co-written by iconic crime author James Ellroy (L.A. Confidential).... More

"Dave Brown (Harrelson) is a cop long ago unleashed from the rules of the Los Angeles Police Department. Roving the streets in his black-and-white cruiser, he governs and punishes at will. His home life is a riddle. Somehow he has fathered children with two sisters (Anne Heche and Cynthia Nixon). Somehow he still lives casually with them both, slipping in and out of a family life that’s as tangled as his long career on the force... When his Rampart division gets caught up in a corruption scandal, Brown makes an easy target. As the controversy seeps through the department and into city hall, this hardened, reckless officer finds himself at the centre of a sordid LA story." (Toronto International Film Festival 2011)Hide

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Move over Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler; there’s a new powerhouse performance in town with Woody Harrelson in Rampart. Watching a descent into hell hasn’t been this enthralling since Leaving Las Vegas. Pulp demi-god James Ellroy’s script, co-written with director Oren Moverman, packs a punch (aside from a “You’re a dinosaur” speech seemingly lifted wholesale from M’s critique of Bond in GoldenEye). Rampart delivers drama, humour and an all too human character in Harrelson’s flawed and brutal cop. Stellar supporting cast too, including Ben Foster, Ned Beatty, Anne Heche, Ice Cube, Sigourney Weaver, Robin Wright, and Steve Buscemi. Highly recommended adults only viewing.

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BY RealityCheck superstar

Freaking heck is vicious, like 'Bad Lieutenant ' on speed, while humping everything! Woody Harrelson plays his thoughtful and intelligent cop very well, to a tee, which is a far cry from his early beginings as Woody Boyd on 'Cheers' or Tallahesse in 'Zombieland'. Its almost like a zombie flick but the people are alive. Being a snap shot, filmfestival piece, it doesnt finish like a hollywood flick. Good acting & well filmed & I half expected Densiel Washington to appear at some point, I loved... More it.
Genre : Action, police, drama, growth, crime
4/5 : Good film festival may not even get on the big screen in NZHide

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