Ready Player One

Review: Ready Player One

By Barny
01 Apr 18

Why can't we go backward

If you're in the thick of a mid-life crises and your knee pain is slamming you, go see Ready Player One.
It won't provide answers or joint relief but will whisk you away from it all for 2 hours. Which is after all, what I love about movies. As the oldest and dateless gunter in the theatre, I enjoyed immensely the pop culture references and easter eggs as they washed over me and having not read the book, the thrill of the unfolding adventure was reminiscent of the first time I saw Back to the Future. I was kicking myself for not seeing it in imax-3D as the neato visual effects and film score - which never got in the way - also took me back to the enchanted wonderment of seeing Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Seriously, I completely regressed back to the latchkey kid I was back in 1978. And I teared up a little here and there too. Thank you Steven Spielberg for reminding me I still have a pulse and some innocence left.
Though I could've done without that squirmy Saturday Night Fever dance scene, dude.
Ready Player One

Ready Player One

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