Red 2

Review: Red 2

30 Aug 13

Better RED than dead...

If you enjoyed the first RED (Retired: Extremely Dumb), then you'll enjoy this sequel which has more of the same plus the addition of Catherine Zeta-Look-at-me!-Look-at-me! and Anthony I-won-an-Oscar-once-you-know Hopkins. It's comic book silliness for the grey-rinse set has broad appeal. It's fun but instantly forgettable froth - and why not?

John Malkovich is an actor who, like Chris Walken, I'd quite happily watch read the phone book whilst takin' a dump, and fortunately he's got a bit more than that to do again this time around. There's some fun dialogue, unbelievable, over-the-top, ridiculous action and a 10-year old kids idea of a plot. Shame really, as it's based on the graphic novel by Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner and could have been so much better.

That said? It's a definite step up from the first RED. So if you enjoyed that - you'll give this an added star for a better script, with better dialogue and a bunch of actors having a ball and laughing all the way to the (exploding) bank :)