His whole life was a million-to-one shot.

Sylvester Stallone's classic, American dream sports drama following small time boxer Rocky Balboa's once-in-a-lifetime shot at winning the heavyweight title, as well as his own sense of self-respect. Winner of Best Picture at the 1977 Academy Awards.... More

Working class Philadelphian Balboa (Stallone) has struggled to ascend past his 'nobody' status as a boxer. When heavyweight champion Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) visits his local town, a money-spinning exhibition match is set up: the world champ will give an unknown the chance for a title. Loving his nickname 'The Italian Stallion', Balboa is selected. With his ex-trainer Mickey (Burgess Meredith) and girlfriend Adrian (Talia Shire) by his side, Balboa takes on the tremendous odds, setting motion to a triumphant underdog story.Hide

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BY Josef lister

One of the great feel good films of all time. Saw it for the first time as a kid so had to really concentrate on Stallone's speech but the rousing score and big heart of Rocky won me over and I joined in the cheers of the audience Rock-ky Rock-ky.

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  • BBC

    The memorable combination of the torturous gym workouts, the runs through the streets of Philadelphia and the carcass-beating in the abattoir all combine beautifully. Full Review

  • Rocky isn't about a story, it's about a hero. And it's inhabited with supreme confidence by a star. Full Review

  • Delivers some cracking punches, both literally and emotionally. Full Review

  • The screenplay is purest Hollywood make-believe... there would be nothing wrong with that, had the film been executed with any verve. Full Review

  • May be patronizing the lower end of the blue-collar mentality, as much if not more than the characters who keep putting Rocky down on the screen. Full Review