Role Models

Review: Role Models

17 Dec 08

Realistic Comedy That Will Actually Make You Laugh

The most popular of the three premieres at the 24 Hour Movie Marathon ( And only one since THE RUINS and DYING BREED may never see theatres ), this is a rare event in the modern cinema - a samsh comedy that will actually have you laughing! Sean William Scott carries off a great job as a genuinelly nice slacker KISS fan, while Paul Rudd has pinned the corporate drone who feels a dissatisfaction with life that he can define only as anger at petty annoyances; When they pull a hugely wrong stunt during their ethically questionable job and are sentenced to a period of community service in a ftaherless boys outreach program, their efforts to cope are as futile as laughable - Rudd's proposal to his lawyer girlfriend is curtly rejected and she moves out of his house as well, completely destroying his stability as well. His 'Little', an archetypical Medieval roleplay nerd begins to give him first perspective on this and finally a possible way to make things right in his own life by helping others. Scott's charcater has the ssame sort of passge,but do not be fooled - At no point doe sthis formula ever descend into the Will Farrell type of 'Comedy Blockbuster' of late; As you might expect from the crew that hurled WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER and THE TEN into unsuspecting faces, even the most logical plot development is twisted and delivered in ways you will not believe. Jane Lynch will have you either cringing or rocking in hysterics with her drill-seargent delivery of tough-love lessons in life.

I should declsre I ma involved ewith the Live Action Role Playing community, so I should be offended about this film's large running theme, but it actually and once again typically for these non-typical filmamkers, it actually loves the subject it makes fun of. if film comedy is in your opinion extinct, this will shoew that it has not passed awy, but is simply to be found in less easy-to-reach places.