Romulus, My Father

Romulus, My Father


A drama based on Raimond Gaita's critically acclaimed memoir. Set in 50s rural Australia, it tells the story of Eastern European immigrant Romulus (Eric Bana), his beautiful wife, Christina (Franka Potente), and their struggle in the face of great adversity to bring up their son, Raimond (Kodi Smit-McPhee).... More

It is the tale of a boy trying to balance a universe described by his deeply moral father, against the experience of heartbreaking absence and neglect from a depressive mother. Kiwi Marton Csokas features as the sympathetic Uncle Hora.Hide

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BY Berkly7 nobody

Indeed this movie may feel as though it's depressing, however the director has skillfully crafted this movie so as to always leave a glimmer of hope for the audience. It is very true to life and, especially if you are an Australian, is a must see.

BY Sandra nobody

Possibly the most depressing movie I have ever seen in my life. This film almost seems to be trying to cram everything terrible about the world into a movie-length misery-rama. Still not as bad as the book, but dreadful all the same.

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55% of critics recommend.
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  • Eric Bana and Franke Potente star as an immigrant couple doing it hard in 1950's Australia. Beautiful to look at, wondrously performed, occasionally frustratingly episodic in structure. Well worth seeing... Full Review

  • Downbeat and disjointed but ravishing to look at with a fine child performance... Full Review

  • Based on moral philosopher Raimond Gaita's 1998 memoir of the same name, Romulus, My Father is a well-acted study of a dysfunctional, multinational immigrant family. Former comedian Bana (Munich) gives another example of his versatility and range, while German actress Potente (Run Lola Run) manages magnificent restraint in a role that screams potential for overwrought histrionics... Full Review

  • A pensive tale of hardship, based on Raimond Gaiter's memoirs from his childhood. Beautifully shot in rural Victoria by cinematographer Geoffrey Simpson and sensitively directed by actor turned director Richard Roxburgh, Nick Drake's script is economical in its telling of a critical chapter... Full Review

  • Warmly felt but haltingly told... holds the attention with fine performances and exquisite lensing, but never really grips the imagination... Full Review