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The excellent Brie Larson (Short Term 12) leads this harrowing drama as a mother trapped in a windowless, 10-by-10-foot enclosure with her five-year-old son Jack. From the director of Frank and What Richard Did. Based on the award-winning novel by Emma Donoghue. Donoghue came to the story after learning about the victims in the Fritzl case.... More

To shield her child from the horrible reality of the situation, she playfully names their confinement ‘Room’ and conjures a whole new world for Jack. But when her composure starts to break, and his curiosity about ‘Room’ grows, only one option becomes available to them – breaking free.Hide

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Irish director Lenny Abrahamson, who made his mark with 2012's underappreciated thriller What Richard Did, follows up 2014's festival favourite Frank with this sensitive adaptation of Emma Donoghue's novel. A much more direct cinematic experience than the intriguing-but-inscrutable Frank, Room leans in to its harrowing subject matter and delivers an uplifting and rewarding tale of love and resilience.... More

Abramson maintains an authentic sense of hope amongst some pretty awful eventualities, which helps the film elevate itself beyond the potentially TV movie-ready plot.

Brie Larson holds nothing back as the ostensible lead. She's phenomenal, and very much deserving of the Oscar, but Jacob Tremblay's performance as her son Jack is so stunning, he more or less asserts his own status as the film's actual protagonist. He really should've been nominated along with her. Tremblay's frankly incredible composure carries the story through every hurdle, and allows the film to slide into his head with disarming ease.

Many filmmakers attempt to harness the perspective of a child, but Abrahamson really achieves something special in this regard. He forces the viewer to evolve with along Jack, and the child's sense of wonderment is as palpable as his fears.

It helps make Room a much nicer cinematic experience than, say, Bad Boy Bubby.Hide

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BY Booper superstar

Loved this film despite the depressing subject matter. Brie Larson is so convincing in her role, I was full of emotion and on the edge of my seat the entire time. Nice to have a not strictly Hollywood ending.

Since seeing the film I have read the book - this is a great adaptation that in my opinion is better than the book. Very deserving Oscar win for Larson

BY RealityCheck superstar

Room - Nearly like no other film I’ve seen before, similar in some ways to ‘Cube’ or ’The Lovely Bones' but basically a stand alone film in what I’ve seen. Very odd to begin with, then as the film unravels it explains itself & just goes bonkers. Bit of a mind trip and I thought it felt as if it was about to end three times. A thought provoking movie, more for discussion than enjoyment to me and my mind.
Genre : Drama, Becoming film
2/5 : I got really lost at the start, and maybe just... More way to emotionally challenging for a Saturday night flick.Hide

BY Hugo-Burns superstar

I don't think I have ever been so sure of someone getting an Academy Award ever. (Brie Larson)

BY ems superstar

I beautifully heartbreaking story told though the innocence of a 5 year old child.

BY JackWallace superstar

Based on the best-selling novel written by Emma Donoghue (who also wrote the screenplay). Lenny Abrahamson's Room is an emotionally powerful and moving film. The best mother-son movie since Xavier Dolan's Mommy. Brie Larson is extraordinary as single mother Joy. Larson is a great actress (see Short Term 12) and this is the best acting I've seen from her.

Jacob Tremblay, who plays Joy's 5-year-old son Jack, is also excellent. It's best to walk into Room cold like I did, avoid reading anything... More about the plot. The film is brilliantly written. Joy and Jack's relationship is so believable. Room pulls the heart strings at times, I really enjoyed it. Recommended. Grade: B+Hide

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  • A moving, harrowing and redemptive drama about the ties that bind a mother to her child. Be warned: one box of tissues may not be enough. Full Review

  • Tough, but resilience is amply rewarded. Full Review

  • A heartrending exploration of the worlds that parents create with their kids, the devastation that arises when those mountains move, and the ineffable fulfillment that results from climbing the peaks together. Full Review

  • Beautifully handled adaptation retains considerable emotional impact. Full Review

  • A disturbing and absorbing film, shrewdly acted, particularly by Larson. Full Review

  • It’s a decent shot at a tall target, but real credit is due the lead actors, with Larson expanding beyond the already considerable range she’s previously shown... Full Review

  • It ought to be a triumph. Somehow, though, it lacks the flooding emotional force Donoghue gave it on the page. Full Review

  • While it flickers with grace and imagination during its initial half, largely because of Jack, it devolves into a dreary, platitudinous therapy movie in its second ... Full Review

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