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101 mins
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Scarlett Johansson leads this R-rated bachelorette party comedy as the bride-to-be, reunited with her longtime friends played by Kate McKinnon... More

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Rough Night | Ratings & Reviews

"Hollywood shat out some dull comedies this year with Fist Fight, CHiPS, Snatched and Baywatch. Thank goodness director Lucia Aniello (Broad City) made her feature debut, delivering a solid laugh machine centred on five friends reuniting at a bachelorette party."

Flicks, Liam MagurenFlicks

"Downs and Aniello's script takes many unexpected turns, building to a satisfyingly outrageous conclusion."


"Rough Night is a supremely funny disaster comedy that demands attention not because it plays the gender card - but because it’s played correctly."

We Got This CoveredWe Got This Covered

"Gets off to a fast, furious and flagrantly raunchy start only to stumble 30 minutes in."

New York Daily NewsNew York Daily News

"By the time things get real, it’s difficult to care about whether these characters survive because they’re so thinly drawn."

"Generic laughs, short on genuine notes."

Film School RejectsFilm School Rejects

"Whenever the story goes off the rails, there's always someone funny there to will it back into a humorous place."

San Francisco ChronicleSan Francisco Chronicle

"The film has some laughs, to be sure. But it's unlikely to inspire any BFF tattoos."

A.V. ClubA.V. Club

"The movie sets up its obvious premise in order to undercut and satirise it, but then forgets to do either."


"The women in Rough Night are terrific company. They never wear out their welcome. Too bad you can't say the same for the movie."

Rolling StoneRolling Stone

"Disappointing considering its pedigree."


"Mirthless enough to leave one pining for the comparative levity of Ingmar Bergman's The Seventh Seal."

The Irish TimesThe Irish Times

"The movie is best enjoyed after accepting that there aren’t really any rules or stakes..."

Slash FilmSlash Film

"The set pieces feel increasingly obligatory, tenuously stitched into the larger plot with thinner and thinner thread."


"The best thing about "Rough Night" is the feisty, claws-out spontaneity of its competitive banter between "sisters" who love and hate each other."


"That women can be as deadly or immoral as men isn't new or interesting, and here it also isn't all that entertaining."

The New York TimesThe New York Times

"A fun night will be had, but you'll have trouble remembering it in the morning."

The GuardianThe Guardian

"Certainly in the upper echelons of the "Girls Can Be Funny Too Without Having To Act Like Men" genre."


"A couple of all too short and sweet laugh-out-loud moments early on soon gives way to silly, screeching, dullsville - and a damn shame too."


"Rough Night didn't rewrite the book and it's often thoroughly silly. But it's also - like hen's nights are supposed to be but never are - a lot of fun."

"Mostly, it's a flavourless stew of elements from other, not necessarily better, movies that starts dying around the same time as the unintended victim of the girls gone wild."

Hollywood ReporterHollywood Reporter

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R16, Violence, offensive language, drug use, sex scenes & content that may disturb
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