Rush Hour 3

Rush Hour 3


Six years after last appearing on screen, the notoriously picky & highly priced Chris Tucker re-teams with the Rush Hour prequel's Jackie Chan and director Brett Ratner. The franchise moves to Paris - as LAPD's Carter (Tucker) and Chinese Chief Inspector Lee (Chan) chase the Triads to the land of the Frank.

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The Rush Hour films are certainly consistent. Those who watched the terrible two that came before won’t be surprised with this – an uninspired, unfunny and unexciting action/comedy that typifies Hollywood blandness.

A New York Cop odd couple (the staled Jackie Chan & Chris Tucker duo) are thrust into a dual with the Triads, this time chasing the criminals to Paris. Chan is as drab and uncharismatic as ever, if delivering a couple of moments of impressive stunt work. And Tucker, undoubtedly a talent, squawks his way through awful dialogue which is at best not funny (like ‘I’m going to wup yo ass’) and at worst busy explaining the ridiculous plot. Director Brett Ratner (culprit behind the first two, as well as X-Men 3) sends them on a series of unremarkable action set pieces and jokes so laborious that you can actually hear them fall and go flat.

The one semi-interesting part of the whole film is a bizarre strand involving a French cab driver who, after experiencing the thrill of driving Chan & Tucker away from bad guys with guns, wants to “kill for no reason… like an American”. But then it seems out of place, and by the end – when he does indeed get to kill – it’s just a confusing sidebar and ultimately pointless.

If the story is ever unpredictable, which 99% of the time it isn’t, it’s only because the outcome is so stupid it’s beyond comprehension. This is the case for the ‘finale’, but you’ll be so bored by that stage you'll be glad the end has been signaled. Really, it’s intolerable. And to pay money to see it will only encourage them.

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It was hilarious but thats pretty much all thats good about it.
the fight scenes are alright.
Repetitive of the last two

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  • BBC

    Does the world really need a third instalment of the Rush Hour franchise? Even director Brett Ratner seems unconvinced, shooting the action in a throwaway style that suggests he has more important things on his mind. Everything here is entirely predictable, from the shock twist that you'll guess during the opening credits to the saucy accordion music that kicks in when our deplorable duo arrive in Paris... Full Review

  • Once you realize it's only going to be so good, you settle back and enjoy that modest degree of goodness, which is at least not badness, and besides, if you're watching Rush Hour 3, you obviously didn't have anything better to do, anyway... Full Review

  • [1/2 star] The biggest loser in all of this is Chan, whose legacy over here won’t be his 20+ years as a martial arts pioneer, but rather his playing straight man to the likes of Tucker... Full Review

  • Chan still sounds silly talkin' jive, the action sequences are peppy if not exactly memorable, and the gags have been sitting out long enough to make penicillin... Full Review

  • 1/2 It seems odd to say it of a movie starring the frenetic feet and feats of Chan, but along with the over-paid, under-funny Tucker and inert direction from Brett Ratner, this threepeat is just tired... Full Review

  • As buddy cop action-comedies go, "Rush Hour" from the outset always felt like the poorer relation next to a "Beverly Hills Cop" or a "Lethal Weapon." What it had going for it was that engaging yin/yang of the Chan/Tucker personalities that made for an amusing clash of cultures. This time, however, the routine goes awfully stale, with the actors doing the shtick-handling without the chemistry that compensated for all the by-the-numbers formula.... Full Review