Review: Safe

21 Jun 12

Safe as cipher houses

Double entendre if ever there was. Well, not that I liked it that much (great pop-corn action) but I got exactly what I thought I was going to get, a splash of 'Death Race' with 'Crank', 'Mechanic' and 'Transporter2'. With the lines Jason delivers, he does it better with his shirt off (right ladies), otherwise shame Ryan Gosling couldnt manage this role like he did so well in 'Drive'. Action flick with masses of car chases, gun fights and verbal banter. The usual suspects for the villians, playing the roles they know well.
Genre : Action, police crime, drama, redemption
4/5 : not that I particularly liked it that much, bit ho-hum, with more shooting than storyline, but Statham does what he does best.