Review: Salt

22 Feb 11

Who is Salt? Who cares??

For a film based on CIA characters, intelligence sadly has nothing to do with the plot. With holes big enough to drive a run-away truck through the focus is clearly on the fast moving action in the hope that you don't have time to dwell on the ridiculous elements. Starts off promisingly enough and has you guessing for a bit, but disappointingly deteriorates through preposterous plot leaps and ludicrous contrivances. A couple of decent action set pieces and refreshingly CGI-absent stunt work but Jolie was unconvincing in the chase scenes where she resembles a woman running to catch a bus rather than a CIA action heroine running for her life.

The plot "twists" and reversals are well telegraphed and come as no surprise, the photography is stylish, but overall it was underwhelming in the extreme. A bit Bond, a bit Bourne and just a bit silly.