One man, many lives.

Ranbir Kapoor stars in this Bollywood biopic on controversial actor Sanjay Dutt, covering his film career, jail sentence, and personal life.

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Sanju Movie Review: Engaging Yet Missing Important Links
Rating: ***
An engaging yet emotional depiction of Sanjay Dutt’s controversial life. The movie explores the different shades in the life of the original bad boy of
Bollywood. One of the most eagerly awaited flicks of 2018, released on 29th June worldwide. Directed by Raju Hirani, the movie has become a super hit having collected INR 500 crores worldwide in 15 days.
Ranbir Kapoor excels in his portrayal of Sanju Baba. However casting of... More the film leaves much to be desired. Paresh Rawal does not do justice to the character of legendary Sunil Dutt Saab. His accent & dialogue delivery does not resemble Dutt Saab’s. Manisha Koirala seems a total misfit enacting Nargis Ji’s character. Someone like Waheeda ji or maybe Jaya ji could have been a much better choice. Diya Mirza’s choice as his current wife Manyaata seems good.Vicky Kaushal as Kamli , also does a good job portraying Baba’s best friend.
The movie showcases Baba’s internal struggles, having been born into a legendary family of Sunil Dutt & Nargis ji’s & always under the public & media scrutiny . How his drug addiction habits & his reckless acts become a constant source of embarrassment for his family. However the movie fails to highlight some of the important aspects of his personal life, especially his first marriage to US based late Richa Sharma, who acted in Bollywood movies for a while & then gave it all up for Sanjay. And later on succumbed to cancer . The Rhea Pillai chapter , which was such a crucial part in Baba’s life has also been completely omitted. Rhea was married to Sanju for almost 10 years. And was a major support for him, when he was imprisoned under TADA. The film does not show Kumar Gaurav at all, son of legendary actor Rajendra Kumar & Sanju’s real life brother in law. Both of them shared a special bond as both were very close as star kids & later on as a part of the same family, when Kumar Gaurav married Sanju’s sister Namrata. To viewer’s surprise Madhuri Dixit & Tina Munim chapters of his life are also not shown at all.
The songs do not add much to the entertainment value of the film. One feels that the film is above average. The movie had more scope had the missing links been captured . However Ranbir carries the film on his shoulders & has injected some life through his superb performance.
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The Press Reviews

  • Sanju is not a particularly engaging film because it stretches too long and resorts to melodrama over substance, but Bollywood also lost the opportunity to look at one of its own with a neutral lens and tell his story honestly. Full Review

  • Ultimately, the film avoids indulging too much on the movie star persona, but let's not deny our obsession with the private lives of the rich and famous. The cast in the end delivers a rare insight to their human side. Full Review

  • By not saying anything new about Sanjay Dutt, Hirani makes Sanju a predictable tale. Full Review

  • Ranbir Kapoor is just as good as his reputation. To state that he's an incredible actor who fills Sanjay Dutt's role with gravitas and spunk is stating the obvious. Full Review