Saw II

Saw II


Oh yes... there will be blood.

The second film in the torture-horror series sees a group of strangers locked in a house filled with deadly puzzles that must be solved. Their only other hope is a detective who discovers the whereabouts of their captor - the infamous Jigsaw killer.

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  • New pic lets the air out by divulging the startling mystery that concluded the original. Full Review

  • Morally dubious it may be, but this gory melange of torture, terror and darkly humorous depravity appeals to the sick puppy within us all. Full Review

  • The killer himself takes a far more prominent role in this edition, and as played by the superb Tobin Bell he's quite a memorable creation. Full Review

  • BBC

    This macabre follow-up to 2004's low-budget horror smash can't rival its predecessor's fiendish ingenuity. But it makes up for it with a deliciously devious plot and enough gory shocks for a dozen Halloweens. Full Review

  • If you've bought into the Saw movies, II ups the violence without totally jumping the shark, and is a worthy follow-up to the original. Full Review

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