After eluding the cops, psychopathic killer Jigsaw (Bell) turns an abandoned warehouse on the edge of town into a gruesome torture chamber in this third installment of the hugely popular horror series. Jigsaw's new protégée Amanda (Smith) kidnaps a doctor (Soomekh) who's forced to keep the evil master alive. Barely clinging to life, Jigsaw begins to carry out his gruesome plans for the lady doc and another helpless victim.

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Oh my god. Are you kidding? I would say this is the worst film I've ever seen. Not only deranged, but not in the slightest entertainment. A test in patience.

Yep, agree with the below, if you like Saw 1 and 2 you will like saw 3

What a twisted plot this had. Explaining everything from the previous Saw movies, this film was an eye opener. I am left wondering if there is to be made...

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  • But more gore is really all "III" has to offer. The first few minutes cram in more graphic brutality than you can shake a bloody, pointed stick at. Other problems, such as flat dialogue, uninvolving characters and a creeping sameness in the no-brain- required puzzles, remain unsolved. And as with the previous two, "III" sorely tests the audience's goodwill with hair-rendingly idiotic behavior by victims... Full Review

  • While "Saw III" provides a decent number of new twists, psychological as well as torture-wise, it necessarily lacks the originality of its predecessors and audiences may be beginning to develop a "been there, done that" attitude... Full Review

  • Unlike the disturbingly mysterious original, "Saw III" is a neatly wrapped-up package that explains everything -- including Jigsaw's evil contraptions and the background of his crazed female assistant... Full Review