How much blood would you shed to stay alive?

Torture-horror – the first of a seven-film franchise – about two men who wake up in a dingy factory bathroom, chained by their ankles. Their captor is known as Jigsaw, a psychopath who traps his victims in deadly devices and leaves them with two choices: shed their own blood and escape or accept their death.... More

The 2004 film ascended above cult status, spawning its six sequels annually and being responsible for popularising the term ‘torture porn’. This also marks the directorial debut of James Wan, who would go on to helm the successful 2013 horror The Conjuring as well as the seventh instalment of The Fast and the Furious.Hide

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  • The inconsistencies and incongruities mar the overall result, but it's a fierce enough premise to excite some investors to believe this team can do better and perhaps even bloodier. Full Review