Second-Hand Wedding

Second-Hand Wedding


Kiwi comedy from first time director Paul Murphy, and first time writer Linda Niccol (based on an original story by Nick Ward, writer of Stickmen and The Ferryman).... More

Follows the fortunes of the Rose family, who live on the idyllic Kapiti Coast, where the sunsets are spectacular, parking is still free and bargains abound. Jill (Brophy) and Brian (Wilson) Rose are happily married and looking forward to their daughter, primary school teacher Cheryl (Shanahan, who played Jools on Outrageous Fortune), following in their footsteps when long-time boyfriend, mechanic Stew (O’Kane), proposes. Clouds gather, however, when it becomes clear that Cheryl has issues with her mother's voracious bargain hunting, which she fears will ruin her wedding. Covering up the truth has consequences for everyone involved. Also stars NZ’s Elvis, John ‘Cheryl Moana Marie’ Rowles as himself.Hide

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The most recent offering from our local film industry is a warm hearted romantic comedy set on the Kapiti coast. It centres on the impending marriage of Cheryl Rose to her sweet heart Stew. What should be the happiest day of Cheryl’s life is complicated by her mother Jill’s compulsion for hunting down bargains. She fears that this will turn her wedding into a tacky exercise in cutting costs which will in turn ruin the day every little girl dreams of. When word of this filters back to Jill, the previously idyllic family relations are threatened and the wedding has a whole raft of new issues to overcome.

Second Hand Wedding is infused with a healthy dose of kiwiana that extends beyond antipodean accents and familiar iconography. The small town location where everyone knows everyone else’s business is well handled, serving not only as a backdrop for the story, but also as a key factor in the plot’s development. It’s a dramatic world where you find recognisable characters, true to the film’s neo-rustic atmosphere while still expressive of universal human traits and foibles.

That writer Nick Ward grew up in a place with such people is evident, as is the genuine affection he holds for this type of community. However, the most notable feature to emerge when perusing the crew list is that the director is Paul Murphy, son of Geoff who helmed kiwi films such as the classic Goodbye Pork Pie. This knowledge, plus the films earthy, down home qualities, makes you feel as though you are watching the next generation of local filmmakers in action.

My problem with the film is how low key it is. While this is a deliberate, and successful, attempt to avoid histrionics and melodrama, it also causes the whole film to feel a little flat. You can see where you’re supposed to laugh and cry, but most of the time the techniques employed to achieve this err too far on the side of subtlety. Because of this, Second Hand Wedding doesn’t linger long in the memory after the credits have rolled. Apart from the John Rowles cameo, of course.

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SECOND HAND WEDDING is a bittersweet dramatic comedy that every kiwi would enjoy watching.

First of all, JMPR - it's ironic that you were so upset about misspellings when you can hardly spell yourself!

Great heartwarming movie...highly recommended.

i think the reason why i love it is because it was filmed in my home town and i knew where everything is!

Second Hand Wedding in my books is another The Castle movie. I have watched it twice and enjoyed it both times Congratulations well done.


Sylvia Brown Wollongong NSW.

I really feel this film is shit, NZ films mmm....
This is the most stupid film I've ever seen, and if you don't believe me, look for a film called "El Carro", a Colombian film, and that was better than this!!
By the way it is COLOMBIAN not COLUMBIAN like all you useless kiwis spell it!
Good luck to all of you!
I better be in Zimbabwe where I can get shut, than Cambridge, Waikato, the time I spent there was horrid, I almost becalmed a HAFIF!

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  • 1/2 Like your best mate: local, independent, good natured, generous, funny, and just plain likeable. Filmed on the Kapiti Coast earlier this year, the film was a labour of love for director Paul Murphy and his crew. Full Review

  • It's not as sharp-witted nor dysfunctional as last year's Eagle Vs Shark set just down the road from this on Wellington's Kapiti Coast, neither is it quite the suburban heartland answer to Sione's Wedding. But as a cosy mumsy nuptials flick it still hits the spot with its affectionately drawn main characters. Second-Hand Wedding might have been made on the cheap but it's just a like a bought one. Oh and it's sure to get a warm reception. Full Review

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